Five players to watch out for in the upcoming PPGL PH SEA Icon Series Week 4

five players to watch out for in the PH SEA Icon Series

Raux (DR Esports, Group D, Sup)

Wooo boy, this is hard. DR Esports has been so good that picking just one seemed wrong. However, there’s one player that has remained consistent in all of those wins, it’s the support player Raux. Highest among the group in Kill Participation at 87%, first in assists per game at 14.33, and second only to his teammate Gospel in KDA at 11.74. Raux has led his team to a 3-0 record and is poised to secure a playoff berth this week!

Taymlaps (Omega Esports, Group D, Duo)

Now with Arisen and Coach Glaceox joining the Omega Esports Banner, it’s hard to predict who’ll pop off when Omega sees the rift. Taymlaps though has been the catalyst of their multipronged attack topping Group D with 1451.48 DPM, 300 more to the second in their group (Edaf). Divine positioning and consistent damage output is what he’ll give Omega to secure a playoff spot and challenge DR Esports for the top seed.

Tontey (Lakan Esports, Group C, BR)

Lakan’s Baron laner has found his sweet spot this fall split making the lives of Dedenne and Isen a whole lot easier. In a group where lane swaps are prominent, Tontey’s ability to absorb early game pressure has paid dividends for Lakan to secure a tie with Fennel Adversity for first. In week 4, anything can happen in group C and Lakan needs Tontey in his tip top shape to secure their playoff seats.

Domeng (Fennel Adversity, Group C, JG)

Fennel Adversity loves their lane swaps. Known for their controlled aggression, the jungler Domeng continues to lead his team in lane swaps securing the most first towers for their squad. While Sho and Dani share the carry duties, Domeng has remained their anchor to maximize their hard-to-predict play. After dropping a series loss to Mirmooo Esports, Fennel’s Domeng needs to carve more early game leads to secure their second playoff trip in as many tries.

Mirmoooo (Mirmoooo Esports, Group C, Duo)

Nerding out the numbers, I was surprised to see 36.03% (1,448 DPM) of Mirmooo Esports damage came from Mirmooo himself. The team captain has brought out his Lucian, Ezreal and Seraphine to lead his team to a 1- 2 record. Not out of contention yet, Mirmooo has a gigantic task to topple Lakan, Leo Knights and Fennel Adversity for one of the two playoff spots.

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