Five Players to watch out for in the upcoming PH SEA Icon Series Week 3!

Chazz is a Wild Rift player to watch for this coming season

Chazz (Team RRQ, JG)

RRQ has remained undefeated at the backs of a reinvigorated Chazz. His playstyle has switched from mostly tanks to assassins/damage oriented junglers. Free from tank duties, expect him to get more aggressive to push RRQ to the playoffs.

Chewy is a top contender in the PH SEA Icon Series

Chewy (Team Secret, DR)

Now with Hamez back in the starting line up, Chewy found his groove once again and made his “Chewportters” proud. With Sona and Seraphine bagging a win for Mirmoooo Esports last weekend, Chewy and Team Secret will be a problem to deal with in their group.

Demonkite's stats make him a top contender at the SEA Icon Series

Demonkite (UCFC Esports, DR)

No way I will let a singed user in the dragon lane go unnoticed. Don’t be fooled by his cute pose, the second half of Dajao twins will bring out his pocket pick vayne to pass judgment to UCFC’s opponents. Coming off of a loss from Team Secret, Demonkite has to channel his inner demons to secure a playoff spot.

Haze's performance stands out in the PH SEA Icon Series

Haze (Bren Esports, Mid)

Bren vs Liyab. Game 3. Winner gets 2-1, while the other goes 1-2. Haze wasted no opportunity and brought out his Yasuo to wield his team to victory. Bren’s midlaner will seek to ride this momentum to secure him and his team a playoff spot.

Elleione is a star Wild Rift player

Elleione (Liyab Esports, DR)

This super rookie got a Pentakill in just his second match, heading into the second round robin, Liyab Esports will definitely bank on his godly performances to push them to the playoffs.

The league will be back in action this Friday at 3:30PM PH time!